Skelton Brothers

The search exercise Saturday

I wrote something recently about the headline that a newspaper used about the search exercise Saturday as it relates to the Skelton boys case. It sounds as though at least one TV station tried to make some news out of this, also. It's prompted Morenci police chief Larry Weeks to issue this statement:

There has been conflicting reports that items obtained during Saturdays search exercise were in fact evidentiary in nature. Those reports are inaccurate. Some items not readily identified were collected by searches and assessed at the end of the day. None of the items collected were confirmed as having any connection with Skelton case and no laboratory analysis is planned at this time. A number of bones were located, all of which appear to be animal in nature and not human. Additional review may take place to confirm that but at this time we have no reason to believe any of them have any value in the Skelton investigation.