Skelton Brothers

John you disappointed me


After listening to a meth seller, a woman who slapped a police officer, a marijuana user who was already on probation, someone else who had an altercation with a female deputy, and on and on, John Skelton walked into court and the hearing was promptly adjourned for a couple weeks down the road. I'm not sure why that occurred. I'm just thinking about nearly two hours in court for not much at all. I forgot to mention, there was someone who came before the judge who was named Senior, Junior. Probably Seigneur, Jr., but it sounded very strange to hear it said. Oh, and I forgot about the woman who was fired from Culver's after some tardiness problems and calling her supervisor a bitch. It is interesting, and very sad, to sit in court. I don't know how the judge, the probation people and all the officers can stand it week after week. How depressing.