Skelton Brothers

Murder investigation


John Skelton with his public defender, John Glaser.

At a press conference today, Morenci Chief of Police Larry Weeks explained the new focus of the Skelton investigation:

The focus is changing in the search for Morenci’s three missing Skelton brothers. At a press conference this week, Morenci Chief of Police Larry Weeks announced that the inquiry is shifting from a missing persons case to a murder investigation. There’s no new information leading to that decision, Weeks said. Instead, an assessment of all information collected prompted his decision. “Back on the 19th of January our investigative team met and made an assessment of the information we’ve collected on the investigation up to this date,” he said. “Based on all the information we’ve collected, and not one particular thing, the decision was made by me to shift the focus of the investigation in this direction.” Following that, he said, the boys’ mother, Tanya Skelton, was notified of the change. Investigators said in November shortly after the boys disappeared that a positive ending to the case was not expected. Despite that, the Morenci Police Department and other law enforcement personnel have investigated dozens of tips and alleged sightings of the boys, but none have led to the location of the children.

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