Skelton Brothers

The weekly video

I had some half-coherent talk with my wife around midnight. I had been sleeping, finally. She said one of my children and spouse were unaware that I do a weekly "You need a subscription" video review of the paper. They thought last night's might be considered inappropriate, but the spouse thought otherwise when learning about the others. It's been going on for months. The entire silly collection is right here. Whenever a person tries to present some satire, someone's not going to like it. Someone isn't going to understand that it's satire. We've had seven press conferences in town since Saturday and more on the way. It's become part of daily life in Morenci, and that's very strange. Was I making fun of our police chief, Larry Weeks? I don't think Larry would see it that way. I'm sure he would love to rudely respond to some reporters' questions, but he's too professional for that. I've been so extremely impressed with how he's presented himself and represented the community, and I told him that Monday. I'm very, very proud of the guy. No small-town hick show here. I'm running through the video in my head. I talk about being on the verge of tears while covering this story. I poke some fun at the TV stations. I dare inject a little humor into the situation. A little risky, but doesn't everyone need a little smile during this impossibly horrible time? Just a little? I talk about the difficulty of covering the situation. I was still trying to write a basketball story when an unscheduled press conference was called about John Skelton's arrest. That was at 3 o'clock, also known as our deadline. I talked about the troublesome light that remained on for so many days in the Skelton house, and how I longed for some closure. My wife said something about how that would be seen as ending hope. So you want this to continue day after day after day? I asked. Not I. I want this all to be over.