Big top heading to Fayette 2016.06.02


Fayette’s Community Development Corporation (CDC) is bringing a circus to town June 17 and Fayette’s village council took action last week to provide security for the event.

The Culpepper and Merriweather Circus will set up its tent on the school property for a pair of shows and council voted to split costs with the CDC to provide police coverage at the event.

Two officers will be present for four hours each at a cost of $210 and the CDC will be asked to cover half the cost.

Village administrator Steve Blue said that a lion and tiger are among the animals performing at the circus.

“It sounds weird,” he said, “but animals escape from the circus all the time.”

He claimed there were several deaths last year due to escaped animals.

Council member Suzette Boesger asked if making the CDC help pay for security was consistent with other special events. She wants council to encourage special events in the community.

Blue said he doesn’t know if the circus is a money-making effort or a community service, but he thinks it’s leaning toward money-making.

MOSQUITOES—Blue said he was contacted by Archbold’s street department requesting a joint application with Fayette for a grant to pay for mosquito control equipment. Collaboration with another entity leads to more points on an application.

The two communities might end up sharing equipment.

TOWER—Blue said that he was able to receive a second quote for water tower painting and a grant application was submitted in time. Only Fayette and Delta are seeking funds.

Blue said there’s a small chance that the old paint contains lead and that will have to be tested.

RENOVATION—Police chief Jason Simon said the village was not chosen for a grant that would have paid for security measures at the village offices, but council gave him permission to seek funds from another source.

MOBILE 311—Boesger asked Blue if training was underway for the Mobile 311 program that will give the village more information regarding infrastructure needs.

Blue said that staff has not had the opportunity to learn the system and added that proper training is essential for the long-term success of the program.

The village is paying for the service but not using it, Boesger said, and training needs to move forward.

VEHICLES—Council approved the sale of an F350 truck to Matt Moats for $2,000, with Mat Johnson abstaining. 

MOWING—Councilor Scott Wagner asked Blue when ditch mowing would begin. It generally begins in June, Blue said, and he will contact the county about mowing.

“The town doesn’t look good and it’s got to be done,” Wagner said, adding that someone needs to be hired for weed cutting if the village crew doesn’t have the time.

Wagner asked about the lawn mowing ordinance and if that covered weeds. Blue said that letters have been sent to violators.

“This is our first time down the road with the new ordinance,” Blue said, “and it’s incredibly time consuming.”