Fayette workers preparing for new EPA rules 2016.03.02


New EPA rules will bring changes for Fayette's village employees in charge of the water treatment facility.

The Revised Total Coliform Monitoring Rule will take effect April 1 and change the daily sampling routine, village administrator Steve Blue told council members last week.

The revision requires municipalities to develop a written sample siting plan for collecting water samples, and a new assessment must be taken to determine vulnerability to coliform bacteria.

In addition, Blue said, the revision changes the actions that must be taken if coliform is detected.

Blue presented a final report on the $7.4 million project to separate the village's storm water from the septic sewage system. In the past, heavy rains would lead to raw sewage spilling into Spring Creek.

The cost of the project came in less than anticipated, Blue said. An expected repayment of $5,871 to the Ohio Development Service Agency will completely wrap up the program.

REDUCTION—The Ohio Water Development Authority announced a reduction in interest rates to 4.0 percent for the remainder of the Village's loan. The Village was paying 5.14 percent and will save $6,360 with the new rate.

CLEAN-UP—The annual spring clean-up is scheduled June 11. The cost per household is $25, an increase of $1 from last year.

TABLE—Blue proposed moving the existing council table and chairs into the newly carpeted conference room in the village office building. He suggested the purchase of folding tables with a skirt and folding chairs for council meetings. This would allow the furniture to be easily removed from the front area of the office where  council meets until needed.

He would like to hear ideas from council members at the March 9 meeting.

RECYCLING—Blue said he is trying to discourage people from taking Styrofoam to the recycling center because the Village now has to pay for removal. Two facilities in the area used to accept foam, but neither do now. Overall, he said, there's a considerable amount of non-recyclable material left at the center.

Costs of operating the recycling center are not at the break-even point yet, he said, but revenue is dwindling.

POLICE—Ralph Fortman was hired as a part-time police officer at a rate of $11.50 an hour.

The Public Safety committee recommends allowing Sgt. Bartz to work at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland July 18 to 21. If shifts are covered in Fayette, chief Jason Simon will also attend.

Chief Simon is seeking a grant to cover the costs of security cameras and new doors, and to open and improve the old bank drive-through area at the new village office.

SPEED—Public Safety committee members discussed raising the speed limit on North Fayette Street from 25 to 35 miles an hour, but decided to maintain the present speed.

MOBILE 311–Councilor Scott Wagner asked if the Mobile 311 system was operational yet. The system is designed to improve communication with village workers and to establish an inventory of infrastructure needs.

Blue said village employees are still getting information to the firm to set up Fayette's system. He expected that to be completed this week and for the system to be operational within two weeks after that. Then training can begin for using the system.