Kathi Dodds retires; 35 years with USPS 2015.12.09

Morenci mail deliverer Kathi Dodds recently ended a career spanning almost 35 years with the United States Postal Service.

She worked 13 years as a part-time employee in Metamora, Mich., before becoming a full-time carrier in Morenci.

Her dedication to the job was evident on the day of her wedding.

"I knew I had to make it later in the day because of work," she said. "I never did have  a honeymoon."

Kathi made some friends along her routes and that's something she's going to miss. Even on a rural route, she got to know many of her customers.

"Once in a while they would meet me at the mailbox," she said. "They could almost set their clock by me—unless the mail truck was late."

She says that she will miss the job, but not so much the winter driving.

"I always looked at the winter as a challenge, to get through the drifts," Kathi said. "But the older I got, the less I thought that way."

Although she's driven both of Morenci's two rural routes, she finished her career on the 80-mile-long route two. That meant about two hours in the office in the morning preparing the mail, then five hours on the road.

The worst part of the job? It's the same as the good part—people—but in this case it's the people who place disgusting garbage in other people's mailboxes.

Kathi also became a pastor seven years ago and she led a congregation at a church in Sylvania.

Will she seek a new job to fill in some retirement time? Maybe. She walked into Subway recently—"They always know what I want"—and mentioned her retirement from the postal service. She was immediately offered a job.

For now she's just going to take a break from the routine of so many years.

"I get to sleep in," she said.