Lots of variation in Nov. weather 2015.12.02


It's those in-between months that bring the big swings in the weather, and November was no exception.

"Half-fall, half-winter—lots of changes," said George Isobar, who serves as a local observer for the National Weather Service. "There were quite a few big changes in the weather last month."

Nearly half of last month's weather was on the warm side, with four days in the 70s. The high for the month came in at 76° on Nov. 4. There were also two mornings in the teens, with a low of 15° reported Nov. 23.

"Data from the National Weather Service office in Toledo shows that Nov. 22 was 15° below average and the next day was 12° below average," Isobar said. "Those two days and a few others were cold even for November."

On the other hand, Nov. 18 was 19° above average, the 26th was 17° above average, and Nov. 5 was 16° above average—really warm for November.

"Overall, there were a lot more days above average than below, and the departure from normal was nearly 4° warmer than expected."

Despite the mild month overall, there's also that matter of snow, Isobar said.

"It wasn't much below freezing on our snowy day," he said, "and it was wet, heavy stuff. Whether or not you liked it, we were lucky."

More than a foot of snow fell in parts of Hillsdale County and 11 inches was measured in the Quincy area. Ann Arbor received about 11 inches and there was even deeper snow northwest of Detroit. Isobar measured 4.2 inches in Morenci.

November was rather dry overall with 1.78 inches, which is more than an inch below average from the last 40 years.

"November had one other characteristic," Isobar said. "Just like October, there were a lot of windy days."

For all of November the average wind speed was 9.0 miles an hour, but on the 12th the average was 22.0 and the next day it was 19.5. There were 11 days when the daily average was in double digits and the strongest gust at Toledo Express Airport was clocked at 53 miles an hour.

DECEMBER—Daily highs in the 40s are expected through the next week, with no snow in the forecast for this area. December is a tricky one to predict, Isobar said.

"Last year we had no snow at all in December; the year before we had 12.2 inches," he said. "The average is around eight inches, but we never reached that amount in six of the past 10 years."

A typical December has at least one day in the 50s and at least one low in the single digits. The odd ones? 69° in 1998. -20° in 1989.