DDA, city council to discuss Observer's brick wall 2015.12.02

Morenci city council members and Morenci Downtown Development Authority (DDA) members have scheduled a joint meeting at 6 p.m. Dec. 3 to discuss goals for the downtown.

Morenci mayor Jeff Bell, who serves on the DDA board, said the group has an interest in hearing ideas from council members to help the DDA set goals.

The DDA tried to obtain ideas from business owners recently by sending surveys to nearly 90 business owners, but only about nine of them responded. Two common themes were expressed, said city administrator/clerk Michael Sessions: some kind of development for the City's vacant property south of the State Line Observer building; cleaning up the south wall of the Observer office where the City tore down a building that it owned.

Sessions said there's been a suggestion to turn the vacant lot over to the DDA for it to work on developing.

"This would allow for the DDA to be more active in our community," Sessions said, "as well as allow the business owners, who make up a majority of the DDA, to decide on how this piece of property should be developed to complement their businesses."

Sessions said some private individuals and a private organization have also expressed an interest in addressing the problem on the Observer's wall. 

Both of those issues will be discussed at the Dec. 3 meeting.