Work needed on city's second well 2015.08.19

One of the city’s two water wells is in for some repair after a maintenance check by Northern Pump and Well. Morenci city council members approved the work at the Aug. 10 meeting.

“Everything looked good until they got down to the screen at 101 feet,” said city superintendent Barney Vanderpool.

The well screen is at the bottom of the well and allows water from the aquifer to flow into the pipe. The screen was coming apart and mostly held in place by some rocks.

The cost to reline the well came in at $17,840, but Vanderpool said it would have been much more expensive had the problem been discovered later after further damage.

After maintenance work approved in July, the total cost for well repair exceeded $36,000.

The cost will be covered by the water improvement fund. Water customers pay a quarterly fee to cover maintenance needs with the water system.

TREES—Bids will be sought for the removal of 16 trees and eight stumps. The stumps are remaining from last year’s tree cutting.

The trees eyed for cutting are either dead or dying and pose a risk of damage to property, said Sessions.

Bids will be taken the following year to remove stumps from this year’s cutting.

One property owner paid for the removal of a stump and is now asking for reimbursement of the cost. Support for payment was heard when council discussed the issue in a committee meeting.

AC—Council accepted the low bid of $6,942 from Shoemaker Heating and Plumbing to replace a roof-top air conditioner/heater at Stair District Library. 

Adrian Mechanical and Pixley Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning also submitted bids.

POLICE—Police chief Mike Creswell told council that his department has handled more than 1,300 incidents so far this year—already more than the tally for all of 2014. At this time last year, 441 incidents had been registered.

UNIFORMS—Council voted to continue with the final year of a contract for DPW uniforms. Bids will be sought for a new contract before the end of the current agreement.

LIBRARY—Mayor Bill Foster noted the successful campaign for library funding through the recent millage vote.

“We think this will be very good for the City’s general fund and give financial stability to the library,” Sessions said.

He suggested that council members should begin to think of where library funds should be transferred when the city’s funding ends Dec. 31.

ROADS—Poggemeyer Designs Group has completed the survey of the city’s water and wastewater systems for the asset management plan and will next turn its attention to streets and sidewalks.

“They’ve been really good to work with,” Vanderpool said.

During the public discussion period of the meeting, resident Karen Sinks asked about plans to repair Skyline Drive at the industrial park.

Cracks were sealed on half of the road two years ago, Vanderpool said, and Sessions added that no major work will be done until Poggemeyer completes its project.