Teacher contracts OK'd at Fayette 2015.08.19


Two-year contracts were approved Monday with the Gorham Fayette Teachers Association. Board of Education members approved the contracts at the regular August meeting and voted to give similar increases to other staff members.

The new agreement calls for a 1.5 percent base pay increase plus a one-time annual payment equal to 2.0 percent of the base pay during the 2016 fiscal year and a one-time payment equal to 1.5 percent of base pay in 2017.

Teachers worked with the board in the past when finances were strained, said superintendent Erik Belcher, and the board is now able to give some wage increases as finances improve. State funding for the district will increase this year, he said.

The contract also includes a new supplemental position—the student/incentives coordinator.

Other staff members who are part of the OAPSE will receive a one-time of 2.0 percent of base pay in fiscal year 2016 and 1.5 percent in 2017. School administrators will also receive the same one-time annual pay amounts as the teachers, plus a salary adjustment of $5 to their daily wage.

STAFF—The district has a new Spanish teacher with the hiring of Jacqueline Davis. She will also provide translating services, when needed, at a rate of $20 an hour.  The board approved Barbara Bruggeman as a substitute teacher and/or classroom volunteer and Ruth Hutchison as a classroom volunteer. The resignation of cafeteria cook Christine Pennington was accepted.

FAIR—The board approved a request to promote both the school district and the Fayette Virtual Academy at the Fulton County Fair. 

TRANSPORTATION—Rusty Lavinder will be paid $800 and Heather Borton will receive $400 to transport a student to a special classroom in lieu of transportation by the school.

DETENTION—The board approved a contract with Wood County Juvenile Detention Center and Juvenile Residential Center of NW Ohio in the amount of up to $64 per day at the detention center; $64 long-term care daily rate at the residential center; and $45 for short term and $55 for long term placement at ALC. The money would be paid if a Fayette student were house at any of the facilities.

GUIDELINES—The board approved nutritional guidelines for food items sold within the school.

EXTENDED—Janna Balmer will be paid for 3.59 extended days and Lacy Stambaugh for two extended days.

SPECIALIST—Aaron Hylander was re-hired to serve as the Grant Classroom Reduction Specialist for fiscal year 2016 at a rate of $116 per day. The position is designed to reduce student/teacher ratio and is paid by federal funds.

DRIVERS—The board approve the following substitute bus drivers, upon completion of all requirements: Rodney Kessler, Dan Seiler, JoAnn Cousino, Chris Pennington,Stephanie Leininger, Jared Wanemacher, Rod Sommers, Kevin "Scoop” Miller, Doris Cuff and Ann Schmunk. Five school employees were approved to transport students in a van: Todd Mitchell, Keith Klein, Ryan Colegrove, Mike Slyker and Pam Schultz.

SUBSTITUTES—The following substitute workers were approved: cafeteria—Daun Figgins, Eloise Wyse, Kelly Willeman, Wendy Burkholder, Jennifer Schaffner, Laura Vanderhorst and Janice Repp; secretarial—Eloise Wyse, Denise Baker, Jennifer Schaffner, Laura Vanderhorst, Michelle Becker and Ruth Hutchison; custodial—Beverly Figgins, Laura Vanderhorst and Janice Repp.

COACHES—Katie Borer was approved as a junior high basketball co-coach. Abby Short was approved as a girls junior high basketball co-coach.

MEETING—The next regular board meeting is scheduled at 7 p.m. Sept. 21.