New business finds and buys grocery bargains 2015.06.24

Don’t think about it as a shopping service. Think of it as a way to save money.

There are many services across the country that offer the convenience of going to the store for you, said Jeff Elarton of Morenci, but there’s a distinctive difference in the We Shop-You Save business that he and Dayna Cordts have begun.

Every week the two send out the Hot List of items that their customers can order from, and that’s where they will save money.

“Everything on our list is on sale,” Elarton said. “Whenever someone buys through us, it’s never at full price.”

Cordts is a coupon guru, he said, the kind of person who can buy an enormous amount of food and end up paying $20 to $30. Elarton said his family of six is now saving about $200 a month in grocery bills.

Each week he and Cordts pore over grocery ads and come up with the best deals for their Hot List—from Borchardt Brothers in Morenci to the large stores in Adrian. Customers place their orders and the two shoppers get to work. Delivery is available in Morenci for a $5 charge and outside of town for $10.

The cost to participate in the service is based on the amount of goods purchased. For example, for orders between $50 and $99, the fee is $18. That has to be balanced with the time a person would spend shopping and the cost of gasoline, Elarton said.

“If someone adds to the list, maybe they need a gallon of milk, we would get that, too,” he said.

Last week it took 17 shopping carts to fill all the orders placed.

To sign up for the Hot List, visit the company’s website at