Medina Civil War vets to be remembered at service 2015.05.28

By DAVID GREENp.lime creek monument

There's a story to tell about all 33 of the names listed on the large Civil War monument in Lime Creek Cemetery.

Four Medina Township soldiers were on the way home at the end of the war aboard the steamship Sultana when it blew up in the Mississippi River. One died at Gettysburg. Several perished as prisoners of war, and others died after release from prison, too weak to sustain themselves after suffering through months of oppressive prison conditions.

Many of those stories will be briefly recounted Saturday when a traditional Memorial Day service begins at 5 p.m. at the cemetery. For a century Decoration Day was observed on May 30, following the orders of Gen. James Logan to decorate the graves of soldiers on both side of the front who lost their lives during America's Civil War.

Gary Holmes of Blissfield, a member of Sons of Union Veterans Post #43, organized the service to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the end of the "war between the states" and to honor those who fought. Holmes and several other re-enactors last visited Lime Creek Cemetery on the true Memorial Day in 2000.

Research by county resident James Malarney turned up the fact that only one soldier whose name was carved on the monument is actually buried in the cemetery. Holmes believes there were likely more than the 33 listed because some would have been linked to Morenci or Hudson rather than the township.

The large stone obelisk is thought to be the second oldest Civil War monument in Michigan. It's placement remains a mystery, Holmes said, because no record has ever been found to pinpoint its erection nor is there an explanation of why Lime Creek Cemetery was chosen rather than the larger graveyard in Medina.

A short talk will be given Saturday along with a recitation of the names listed on the monument, and re-enactors will fire a volley to salute the dead.

• Lime Creek Cemetery is located on the east side of Munson Highway north of Lime Creek Road.