March shows temp. extremes 2015.04.08

High Temperature: 66

Low Temperture: -20

Mean Temperature: 32.8 -4.8 

Precipitation: 1.12  2.6


Just a typical March?

In some ways, said local climate observer George Isobar, but not so much in others.

"March often brings some extremes as the weather seems to be tugged back and forth between winter and spring," Isobar said. "You can see it in the temperatures from last month."

The low for the month was recorded March 6 with a -2° reading. On the other end, the high mark was all the way to 66° on March 16.

"That's a pretty extreme variation," Isobar said, "but a 64° difference isn't all that startling for March."

Although there were only four single-digit mornings, the average for the month was a chilly -4.8° below normal. On a daily basis, March 5 came in at 24° colder than normal and March 6 was 25° colder.

"Two days in the final week of the month had temperatures falling into the teens," Isobar said. "It started feeling as though winter just wouldn't let go."

There was only one day in the 60s and nine with a high reading in the 50s, but the temperature fell below freezing on every morning but three.

"Precipitation was also on the extreme side," Isobar said. "It was extremely dry."

With a total melted precipitation of only 1.12, March 2015 came in as one of the five driest in the last 40 years. Snowfall was accordingly scanty, also, coming in at 2.6 inches. The average for March is closer to six inches.

It wasn’t such a snowy winter after all, Isobar points out.

“With February’s 17.9 inches, it seems as though we got pelted again this year,” he said, “but the total snowfall for the season was only 28.3 inches. That’s a far cry from the previous year with more than 70 inches.”

We got off to a slow start with no snow in November and December.

APRIL—"The 10-day forecast suggests that April 2015 is going to be one of those rare ones when not even a trace of snow falls," Isobar said. "We usually get at least a trace."

To keep on the theme of extremes, the most April snow of the past 40 years was recorded in 1982 with 10 inches. Seven inches fell in 1994.

But not this time, Isobar said. Instead we'll be listening for thunderstorms and maybe feeling our first 80° day.