Cabin built in lagoon 2015.04.01

mysterycabinCity officials are still baffled over the recent appearance of a small wooden building that was constructed on an island of waste in one of Morenci's sewage treatment lagoons.

City administrator/clerk Michael Sessions said Monday that a passerby driving on Sims Highway noticed the structure and called city hall. Sessions drove out to the location and could hardly believe what he saw.

City superintendent Barney Vanderpool thought the call was a joke until he visited the lagoon himself and saw the building standing on an area where settled waste shows above the surface of the water.

"I can see where a boat was launched at the north end of the lagoon," Vanderpool said, "but I can't imagine how it was built so quickly. It wasn't there Friday when I was out checking on things. I'm impressed with how they did.”

Vanderpool said there’s no indication of whether someone is living in the cabin, but he hasn’t had the time to go out and investigate.

“I’m going to have to borrow someone’s boat and get a closer look,” he said. “Maybe on Wednesday.”

Once word got around about the strange incident, dozens of people have driven by to take a look at the building. There was one unconfirmed report of smoke coming from the chimney.

It’s difficult to judge the exact size of the building from shore, but Vanderpool figures the doors are only about four feet tall. After studying the building through binoculars, he said it appears to be a well-built old-style log cabin.

Sessions said city council will discuss next week what to do about the building.

“It went up without a permit,” he added.