Four Morenci powerlifters qualify for state 2015.02.11

Four members of Morenci’s Powerlifting Team qualified Saturday for the state tournament. The Bulldogs at a regional meet at Grand Blanc High School.

Varsity lifters Malachi Hoffman, Chris Hinkley and Brandon DiCenso and  junior varsity lifter Jose Amos join Mason Martinez and Devin Wyse who previously qualified for state competition.

Hoffman had a 340 squat lift, a 250 bench lift and a 435 dead lift for a 1,025 total in the 181-pound weight class.

Hinkley, lifting at 145, had a 320 squat, a 180 bench and a 400 dead lift for a 900 total.

DiCenso had a 340 squat, a 220 bench and a 450 dead lift for a 1,010 total in the 165-pound weight class.

Amos competed in the 194-pound weight class. He had a 315 squat, a 185 bench and a 415 dead lift for a 915 total and a second place finish.

Other team members who competed at the varsity level were:

JJ Elarton, lifting at 194, scored a 325 squat, a 230 bench and a 460 dead lift for a 1,025 total.

Devin Wyse, lifting at 181, had a 350 squat, a 240 bench and a 385 dead lift for a 975 total.

Blaine Barron lifting at 155, had a 275 squat, a 175 bench, and a 310 dead lift for a 760 total.

Dalton McCowan, lifting at 194, scored a 225 squat, a 195 bench and a 330 dead lift for a 750 total.

Others who competed at the junior varsity level were:

Trevor Corkle, lifting at 207, had a 300 squat, a 175 bench and a 380 dead lift for a total of 855.

Mason Martinez, lifting at 132, had a 200 squat, a 160 bench and a 330 dead lift for a 630 total and a third place finish.