Five-inch rainfall leads to flooding 2015.07.01

It wasn't just a matter of five inches of rain over two days, said local climate observer George Isobar. There's also the six and a half inches that fell in the previous four weeks.

"We've had several deluges in the past where five or more inches fell in a single storm," Isobar said, "but I can’t remember them causing flooding like this one did. It had to be the wet month that preceded last weekend's rain that made the difference."p.storm.dol.gen

Isobar measured about a quarter of an inch Friday morning, then 1.16 on Saturday morning after a night of rain.

"Saturday was something else," he said. "It was a Michigan monsoon with wind-driven rain on and off all day. Mostly on."

By the time the storm ended Saturday evening, an additional 3.65 inches had fallen for a total of 5.02 inches.

Add to that the 3.54 inches that had fallen earlier in the month, plus the 2.91 inches that fell the final three days of May.

"That gives us a grand total of 11.47 inches for the past 30 days," Isobar said. "It usually takes more than three months to come up with that much rain."

Several area roads were covered with water and many were closed to traffic. Even U.S. 223 was closed Sunday night in Blissfield, blocking the main route between Adrian and Toledo.

A brisk wind out of the north drove rain against store windows that seldom take the brunt of a hard rain and drip buckets were spotted in some Morenci buildings on the south side of Main Street. That was nothing compared to Fayette's Dollar General store that became surrounded by water that flooded the store.

A few trees, heavy with rain, blew over around the area including one in Morenci.

After a possibility of rain on Tuesday, the forecast finally calls for dry weather and temperatures getting back into the low 80s by the weekend.