George Isobar looks at October weather 2014.11.05


October, the changing of the seasons, where a 50° swing in temperature can occur within four days.

That’s what happened this year, said George Isobar, a member of the National Weather Service’s cooperative observer program. The low temperature for the month of 29° was recorded on the morning of Oct. 23. Four days later, Toledo tied the record for the warmest Oct. 27 at 78°, a mark set in 1984.

“There were some chilly days early in the month,” he said, “but overall it was a rather nice October.”

The first temperature in the 30s was recorded Oct. 5, but daytime highs were generally in the 50s and 60s, along with two days in the 70s. In Toledo, the average for the month was 0.8° below normal.

“The first time I saw light frost was on the morning of Oct. 12,” Isobar said. “Two days later it was 53° in the morning. There was a lot of shifting around in the temperature department.”

Precipitation was about a quarter of an inch below normal, coming in at 2.73. There were two thunderstorms during the month, Isobar said, and added, barely a flake of snow.

Maybe not a flake, but there was more than rain falling on Halloween evening.

“That was more like snow grains that alternated with the rain,” he said. “I heard a report that a few miles south of here there was a quarter inch of snow on the ground Saturday morning. We did have some snow collected on fallen leaves in the morning, but the ground was still bare.”

NOVEMBER—There’s already been a temperature reading in the teens, Isobar said, with the 19° reading Sunday morning. However, that level of chilliness didn’t last long.

“Occasionally we’ve had a single-digit reading in November and more than occasionally we’ve had snow.”