Fayette school enrollment drops 2014.10.15

Fayette's school enrollment is down 14 students from a year ago, although the number changes from week to week.

"Ohio no longer has an October count week," explained Fayette staff member Lacy Stambaugh, who coordinates enrollment data for the district. "We are now being funded per student by the day. I submit data weekly to the Ohio Department of Education so they can track students."

The biggest enrollment change occurred in the third grade class that lost six students from a year ago as second graders and now stands at 31. The fourth grade class is the smallest in the district with only 20 students and the sophomore class is is nearly three times that size at 55—two students larger than a year ago.

This year's senior class is on track to have the same number of graduates as a year ago with 36. The kindergarten class is three students smaller than last year's with 28 enrolled.

This year the number of Fayette school district students attending other districts is slightly larger than the number coming in from other districts. Thirty students choose to attend other schools and 26 from out of the area are enrolled at Fayette.

This is the first year of the new Fayette Virtual Academy and seven students are taking all of their classes online.

"Four of these students do their work completely from home and the other three do their work here at Fayette in the virtual classroom," Stambaugh said. "We have 71 students taking classes through the virtual school."

Some students began taking classes online for the second semester last year, but the program was expanded for the current school year, with the added option of taking all classes online. One student who was home-schooled last year is now enrolled in Fayette's virtual academy.