Fayette village council 2014.07.16


Fayette village council met in a special session July 9 to approve park expenses and to hire a part-time police officer.

Council appropriated $12,000 for construction of a basketball court, new backboards, and a new sand volleyball court.

The 45 by 75 foot volleyball court will be adjacent to the basketball court. Park director Nick Ramos estimates there will be a grassy area about 14 feet wide between the two courts.

A gravel base will be placed at the bottom of the court before a foot of sand is added. Poles and a net will also be purchased.

POLICE—Fayette is losing a part-time police officer who accepted a full-time job elsewhere and village council voted to hire two new part-time officers. Darren Ward of Erie, Mich., will join the department, but the second officer approved found a full-time job before joining the Fayette department. Ward is employed elsewhere as security worker.

BERM—Problems with the berm placed along many of the newly-paved roads was discussed Wednesday at the committee-of-the-whole meeting.

"Bergman has acknowledged there are repairs to do with the berm," said village administrator Steve Blue. "Pavement grindings are acceptable for berms, but the large chunks need to be removed."

Complaints about the recent paving projects involve both the Bergman and Ebony paving companies, as well as the overall contractor, Gleason.

Councilor Scott Wagner said that grass should have been removed before the berm was applied and now it's growing up through the stone in some areas. Wagner said roads looked better before the berm was applied, but Blue pointed out that many people park in the yard in front of their home and the berm protects the edge of the road from breaking off.

"It's not a secret to anyone that we have berm issues," Blue said.

He wants residents to know that he is aware of the problem and it is being addressed.

TRUCKS—Fayette resident Mike Bartick proposed that the village office could sell permits to allow truck owners to park their vehicles in town. Bartick said it would help truckers with their work and benefit the village at the same time through additional revenue.

CURBING—ODOT is scheduled to pave U.S. 20 in the next fiscal year that ends in June 2016. ODOT will not pay for curbing along Main Street. ODOT will send an estimate of the cost that could exceed $200,000 based on the Fayette Street work, Blue said.

ODOT needs to know this year if village council wants curbing and intends to seek financing or whether it will go without curbing. Paving could be put off another year if additional time is needed for financing.

OVERDUE—Overdue utility payments will be added to customers' tax statements, but about 75 percent of the overdue accounts are from renters, Blue said. In that case, letters will be mailed to landlords.

CODE—Blue told council that Fulton County is contracting with Wood County for building code inspection in non-incorporated areas, and some other communities are doing the same. The service can be used for commercial and residential property.

If Fayette council decided to join in, the cost of the program would be paid by fees.

"This would solve many of the concerns we've been discussing in committee," Blue said.

JOB POSTING—Fayette mayor Ruth Marlatt said she has heard from some residents concerning nepotism in the hiring of two part-time village workers. The job opening was not posted and children of two employees were hired. The village handbook doesn't specifically address the issue, she said, but posting all positions would clarify the issue.

"Since the position was not posted, only those with connections to current employees applied and were interviewed," Marlatt said.

DEVELOPMENT—Mayor Marlatt distributed copies of an article from the Wauseon paper about the new Fulton County Economic Development Corporation. She pointed out that the organization is now a private agency and not part of the county government.

REFUSE—The trash hauling contract with Archbold Refuse Service (ARS) expires in August and the company is asking for a dollar increase for a 10-ticket trash bag card. 

ARS is proposing either a one-year contract extension at a known cost or a three-year contract with costs that might fluctuate due to ARS's costs. The contract with ARS calls for that company alone to have the franchise to serve Fayette, Blue said.

ARS is offering curbside collection of recyclable items for $4 a month, as along as a minimum of 30 customers are being served. The charge could be added to a customer's water bills.

MISC.—Wagner said that excessive weed growth is an eyesore when visitors drive into  town. He also noted that some residents are blowing cut grass into curbed streets and this can plug up catch basins.

Council member Linda Short asked about the progress of the drive-through to look for ordinance violations in the village. She was told that only one quadrant has been looked at so far. It takes extra time, Marlatt said, because street addresses are not posted at many properties. This could be a hazard when police or an ambulance is needed, she said. Anyone who needs to know their street address should contact the village office.

Several residents who were found to be in violation of various codes have either complied with village law or made arrangements to comply, said police chief Jason Simon.