Isobar discusses July weather 2014.07.09


Morenci area weather observer George Isobar doesn't really think July will end up cooler than June, but that's the way the month has started.

"June finished 1.1° above normal," Isobar said. "We had two days in the 90s, 17 in the 80s. And what have we had in the first week of July? It started off at 85°, followed by 80°, 74°, 78°, 80°, 77° and 81°. It got rather warm on Monday, but the remainder of the week isn't supposed to be much different. July needs some serious heating to catch back up."

Most days in June weren't too far from normal. Early in the month there was a day that was 13° warmer than expected and in the middle there was one that came in 11° above average, but most days were within 3° warmer or cooler.

The high of 92° arrived June 17, a day after a 90° reading, and there were five other days at 87 and above. The low of 44° fell on June 14, one of three days that dipped into the 40s. There were 11 days with morning lows in the 50s.

"I suppose June could end up wetter than July because June's 4.41 inches of precipitation is about an inch more than the July average," Isobar said.

One big storm June 18 dumped 1.28 inches to help make June an extra wet month.

"We only had a couple of thunderstorms," Isobar said, "which is rather light for June, and the severe weather went to the north and to the south once again. We had only 12 days with precipitation and only 10 where rain fell during the day. All in all it was a pretty nice month."

JULY—In the past four decades, Isobar said, there have only been four years where the temperature didn't get up into the 90s—or 100s. We've had five at 100 or above. 

"It's not going to be like 2011 when we had 24 days in the 90s or 2012 when we had 21," Isobar said, "but it's likely we'll end up with a few of them. For the next few days, however, enjoy it. It's a rather comfortable July we're having."