Maker Camp returns to library 2014.07.09

Maker Camp returns to Morenci's Stair Public Library this summer for six weeks, with the projects already underway.

Maker Camp is a do-it-yourself program for teens 13 to 18 years old who connect via Google+ with other youngsters around the world, not to mention inventors and artists. Virtual field trips take kids to meet the coolest of makers while learning how to create some interesting stuff.

Stair was chosen to serve as an affiliate site again this summer, meaning that library receives a special kit with materials and manuals. Last year’s kit included an Arduino microcontroller kit, LEDs, luminescent inks, squishy circuits for no-soldering connections, a spinbot robot, MaKey MaKey to trick a computer into thinking anything is a keyboard, and more.

By registering through Google+, the weekly sessions can also be viewed at home, but come to the library on Mondays and Fridays to try making things and sampling the refreshments. The Google+ sessions are scheduled at 2 to 4 p.m. on both days. Daily attendance is not required.

The Week 1 Makers in Motion schedule continues today with an exploration of a robotic zoo of the future. A pair of fluid power engineers explain how they look toward nature for inspiration in the field of bionics. The project for the day tells how to make a Heron's Fountain out of common materials.

A visit with Red Bull pro cyclist Austin Horse is scheduled Thursday, along with a project to make your bike glow with electroluminescent wire.

The Friday field trip visits Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., to learn about Street View Treks in which Google's camera travels to remote areas of the globe in an effort to create the most accurate maps of the world.

• Week 2 is called "Art and Design" and includes a trip to the Cartoon Network studios.

• "Fun and Games" follows in Week 3 with visits to LEGO in Billund, Denmark, and to Fantasmic! at Disneyland.

• Week 4 focuses on "Fun and Games" and features a visit with the team working on Google's self-driving car.

• Make music on home-made instruments in Week 5's "DIY Music" and go on a field trip to visit Blue Man Group.

• The final program in Week 6 is called "Believe." The Hollywood magic of special effects and make-up are studied to blend reality and fantasy. The field trip will take participants to Jim Henson's Creature Shop.