Fayette village council 2014.06.04


A few additional street projects will be coming to Fayette following a vote by village council members last week.

Council approved a contract with Bergman Construction for projects that include improvements on Eagle Street. Paving on the bridge was already discussed, but council approved a request from the public works committee to lengthen the new pavement rather than leave a gap of old road between the new sections that were done following the sewer project.

All of Bergman's work is not to exceed $16,500.

Council previously discussed new pavement on the basketball court at the park, but the park board decided against that plan. Instead, half of the court will be refinished with concrete and the other half will be made into a sand volleyball pit.

Village administrator Steve Blue told council that the insurance carrier for Gleason Construction, the firm handling the sewer project, has contacted a few Fayette residents about possible problems from construction.

Blue said that Gleason is still attending to some final work from the project, including deciding which streets need berm added.

METERS—More than 180 of 246 new water meters have been installed, Blue said, and village workers have put in enough hours to cover Fayette's portion of the matching grant. A grant for the Village's second phase of meter installation was approved and Blue will prepare an application for Phase III.

CURFEW—Council heard the first reading of a revised curfew ordinance that would post earlier hours for youths age 15 and under. The new wording would prohibit those youngsters from being out alone after 9 p.m. on any day of the week or before 5 a.m. The curfew would not apply to youths who are with their parent or legal guardian; with an adult specified by the parent or guardian; or if participating in or returning from lawful employment or an athletic, educational, entertainment, religious or social event.

A separate ordinance prohibits minors from park shelter houses unless accompanied by an adult. The original ordinance mentions only the south shelter house across from the library, but the new version would include all shelter houses.

Council has to decide yet if the revision should read that a child must be accompanied by an adult or whether the wording should be more specific: an adult, legal guardian or an adult specified by the parent or legal guardian.

The first violation would result in a verbal warning by police. Subsequent violations could be subject to the charge of trespassing and be handled by the Fulton County Juvenile Court.

POLICE—Council tabled a decision about buying a Dodge truck through the General Services Administration fleet sales and converting it for use as a police vehicle. The cost is not to exceed $30,000.

Council was unable to pass a police mutual aid agreement by emergency ordinance because only four council members were present. Scott Wagner and David Wheeler were absent.

Council also wants to further examine one portion of the agreement that makes a responding agency responsible for any damage incurred while assisting another agency.

MAYOR—Council approved paying for the cost of mayor Ruth Marlatt to attend a mayor's conference in Marietta.

CLOSED SESSION—Council met in a closed session for 24 minutes to discuss the purchase of property.