Recall vote canceled 2014.04.30

The recall effort to remove three Morenci city council members will not move forward.

Former councilor Everett Cool filed recall petitions April 4 seeking the removal from office of Jeff Bell, Rebecca Berger and Brenda Spiess for “incompetent placement of police department leadership.”

The petitions were rejected at a probate court clarity hearing. Cool initially said that he would change the wording and file again, but he has since changed his mind.

In a letter written to the paper this week, Cool explained that citizens who encouraged him to attempt a recall are no longer offering support.

“I reached out to the people who pushed me to lead this and they have all chosen to back away,” Cool wrote. “I have not had one agree to co-sponsor a refiling of the petition. This, by its very nature, is not something that one person does alone. So, I will not continue.”

Cool advised residents against obtaining information about city council from the newspaper and instead urges them to attend meetings.