New process for burn permits 2014.04.30

The City of Morenci started a new burn permit process this week that no longer requires leaving a message for the fire department.

Instead area residents should call city hall at 517/458-6828, then press 1 to speak to a staff person.

Information needed includes name, address and what will be burned. Burn permit numbers will no longer be needed. Calls should be made between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Information cannot be left as a message on voice mail. 

Permits are good for three days from the issue date. Callers will be given information specific to the area where they reside (Michigan or Ohio). A cooking fire is allowed without a permit as long as it is in a fire ring or an enclosure away from all structures.

Morenci fire chief Brad Lonis has the right to revoke or deny any permit. Failure to obtain a burn permit could result in the fire being extinguished, along with a bill from the Morenci Fire Department.

Burn permit guidelines:

• Only grass, brush and leaves may be burned.

• No burning of tires, building materials or furniture.

• Do not burn on a windy day.

• Pay attention to the fire danger condition for your area.

• Permit good for three days from issue date.