Fire training structure 2014.04.23

Morenci fire chief Brad Lonis approached city council last week about using the former recycling center on Baker Street for a training facility.

“I feel we’re in the need for a more permanent training structure,” Lonis said at a council committee meeting.

The recycling center building is close to the fire station and would allow for a variety of training scenarios.

“We won’t alter the structure in any way,” Lonis said. “We would keep it clean and looking presentable. If the City wants to sell it later, it would be ready for sale.”

Mayor Bill Foster expressed concern about damage to the roof, but Lonis said there would be no personnel walking directly on the roof. A skid device might be place on top to support people and equipment. 

City supervisor Lonnie Vanderpool said the all-steel building is in good shape and he had no concerns about the fire department’s plans. He suggested that council might consider selling the balers that were used for recycling.

Council member Ron Apger requested a six-month plan outlining what training will be done at the facility. He also said that he would want to see it used regularly by the department and not sporadically.

Lonis said he would furnish summary of training plans that he would like to accomplish, but not a six-month plan.