Fayette school board 2014.04.23


Fayette school board members handled a range of business at the April 14 meeting in preparation for the next school year.

A job description was approved for the new K-12 principal position. The principal will be hired to serve all grades in both the elementary and secondary wings of the school, while the superintendent's role will revert to the one that existed before Erik Belcher was hired as superintendent/elementary school principal.

As superintendent in the next school year, Belcher will assume additional supervisory duties and also promote the new virtual school.

The board met in a closed session to discuss staff negotiations. The current contract for teachers and classified staff members expires at the end of June.

Continuing teacher contracts were renewed for Sarah Weiland and Lisa Hintz. Contracts for other teachers will come before the board at the May meeting.

The board also approved an increase in lunch prices for the next school year to stay in accordance with federal school lunch guidelines. Prices will increase by 10 cents to $2.40 for kindergarten through sixth grade; $2.70 for seventh through twelfth grade; and $3.60 for adult lunches. Cartons of milk will sell for 50 cents.

LEAVE—An extended leave of absence was approved for Marge Crowell from March 11 to June 5.

BUS—Substitute bus drivers will be paid at the per diem rate as entry level bus drivers, effective April 15.

SETTLEMENT—A proposal was accepted from Engineered Process Systems for a settlement package and removal of the defunct wind turbine.

FFA—The board gave its approval for students to attend an FFA camp at Carrollton from June 23 to 27, and to attend the state FFA convention May 1 and 2.

DONATIONS—Donations were approved from Hubbard Feed, $91 for FFA activities; Check Spirit Program at Huntington Bank, $1,428 for student activities; Don's Automotive, $388 for the athletic department.