Fayette school schedule back on track 2014.04.02

Fayette schools additional make-up minutes will not be scheduled as stated last week.

Adding three minutes onto each high school period was the original idea, said superintendent Erik Belcher, but that plan was changed to match that of the elementary school—an extra 30-minute period at the end of the day.

This will keep the schedule of the K-12 school together for all grades and won't affect lunch times and shared teacher schedules.

Students will report to their home room for an "academic assistance" period. This could be used to work on projects, prepare for state testing and make up school work.

"By extending the days, we will receive four days of instruction," Belcher said. "This would currently not require us to make up any days in June."

The school year is scheduled to end June 5 as originally placed on the calendar.