Fayette school board 2014.02.19


The Fayette Board of Education approved last week an organizational change that will alter the principal’s role at the school.

Starting with the 2014-15 school year, superintendent Erik Belcher will drop his combined role as superintendent and elementary school principal, and instead serve only as superintendent. Board members voted to extend Belcher’s contract for an additional three years.

The secondary principal position will shift to a combined kindergarten through 12th grade role. The design of the school—with the elementary office and second office side by side—supports the combined principal role.

When Belcher was hired in 2012, the board faced the decision of whether to combine the superintendent’s role or expand the principal’s role. Belcher said the board is satisfied with the direction the school is headed, but decided the reorganization would benefit the district overall in regard to the virtual academy project.

In December, Fayette was chosen to administer a $3.4 million grant to establish on-line “virtual schools” in 16 districts.

“With that project underway,” Belcher said, “the board decided this would be the correct way to go. I’ll be just as busy as I was before.”

CONSORTIUM—Board members approved several proposals to support the virtual school project. As administrator of the grant funds, Belcher said the district has six months to spend the grant money or else forfeit the unspent sum.

A contract was approved with the Pearson company for licensing the participating schools to use the on-line classes, at a cost of $779,400. An additional $69,900 will be spent on professional development through Pearson and $22,000 through NWOET.

The board approved a contract with Hart Associates to produce a video for television marketing, at a cost of $24,500, and a $10,000 contract with LaMar for billboard advertising. Several media outlets were approved to air the video.

Logo This will be paid $11,000 to create and produce promotional items and Kerri Rochelle will be paid $30 an hour to serve as the marketing consultant.

eSchoolview is creating and hosting a revised school website for an initial cost of $1,195 and an annual fee of $3,348 (70 percent of the cost qualifies for E-Rate reimbursement). The company will create and host the consortium’s website for $1,200 initially and $1,500 annually, with a three-year contract.

ARCHERY—Board members approved a list of volunteers to assist with the new Archery Club. A grant will cover the purchase of equipment and competitions will be scheduled with other area schools.

The grant comes through the Ohio DNR.

BUS—The board approved financing for an 84-passenger bus to replace a unit that is about 20 years old. The bus will cost about $90,000.

COACHES—Andy VanZile and Clete Stechschulte were approved as varsity track coaches. Ryan Colegrove and Blake Ruffer will coach the baseball team, while Jenny Bates and Jason Bryant will return as softball coaches.

TRIP—A senior class trip to Newport, Ky., and Cincinnati were approved for May 14 and 15.