TC3Net merges with D&P Cable 2014.02.19

The two local communications companies serving Morenci announced last week their merger. D&P Cable completed Friday a friendly purchase of TC3 stock, joining D&P Communications’ expanding hybrid fiber-coaxial and fiber networks with TC3’s network resources.

Nearly all of TC3 employees have joined the D&P Communications staff and individuals from both companies are now fully engaged in the process of merging. 

Dave LaRocca, president of D&P Communications, believes the transaction represents a step forward for the region’s telecommunications industry.

“After years of battling between our companies to bring the best service and products to our respective customers, we realized how similar we really are and how a purchase was a win-win for everyone involved," LaRocca said. "D&P is looking forward to bringing great services and choices to existing TC3 customers.” 

Joe Mattausch, president of TC3, also sees benefits for customers through the transaction.

“Throughout its history, TC3 has strived to bring cutting edge technology to our customers" he said. "D&P Communications’ expansion of its fiber network creates a natural synergy with TC3’s vision for the market. I am very excited about the benefits this brings to our customers and the whole community.” 

As TC3 customers are transitioned to D&P Communications’ facilities and systems, the company will focus on two areas: avoiding customer service interruptions and providing adequate communications to provide clear information about pending changes. The transition is expected to move forward with minimal impact on existing D&P Communications or TC3 customers. 

Current TC3 customers will benefit from D&P Communications’ network and investment in building new facilities. As the transition unfolds over the next months and years, more TC3 customers who are currently utilizing copper infrastructure for DSL based internet and phone services will be switched to hybrid fiber-coaxial and fiber technology. The conversion to these newer technologies is expected to result in higher quality and higher capacity services.

In addition, many TC3 customers will have access to product packages that include cable, IPTV, or video on-demand. Fixed wireless customers from both companies will merge as D&P Communications identifies future enhancements for its more rural clientele. In addition, current TC3 customers will soon be transferred to a single bill system, no longer needing to manage separate invoices for multiple services. 

D&P Communications wholly owns and operates an extensive fiber optic network that is built for optimum security and redundancy, making use of multiple, interconnected fiber optic rings. 

One of the benefits that was of particular interest during the negotiations was the idea that two regionally based companies could combine to offer an alternative to other national providers that was preferred on the basis of not only local appeal but also quality of services.

Both companies were founded locally—D&P Communications in Deerfield in 1898 and TC3 in Tecumseh in 1991—and the traditions developed by both companies is expected to move forward with a continued commitment to economic and community development.