Fayette village council 2014.03.26

Fayette village council's public safety committee last week discussed the possibility of establishing a maintenance code to help keep the village looking good.

Discussion focused on issues such as trash and litter, said village administrator Steve Blue.

Committee members will take a look at ordinances from other communities that might be modified for use by Fayette.

SEWER PROJECT—At the last council meeting, Blue gave a financial update on the combined sewer overflow project that mostly wrapped up last year. The final cost is expected to come in at more than a million dollars below the estimate.

The original cost estimate was listed at $7.04 million, but it's expected that the final cost will be closer to $6.01 million. This lowers the village's annual loan repayment from about $80,000 to $69,773 for a savings of about $200,000.

"We're still waiting for the final walk-through after the snow melts," Blue said last week. "We know there are things to do."

Much of the work involves planting grass seed and restoring property to its pre-construction condition. About half of the village was walked before snow started falling in December.

Negotiating is ahead, Blue said, to determine if some problems are part of the project or will result in an extra cost. There are some cracks in the new pavement, for example, which could be a flaw on the company's part.

Blue expected last year that some work could be tackled in February or March, but that wasn't the case with this year's winter weather. He's hoping to obtain an extension until May 15 for the final completion date. The first loan payment is due in July, he said, but if the completion date is extended, the first payment might be pushed back to the end of the year.