School cancelation update 2014.03.26

Fayette will cut its school makeup days to three by lengthening each school day by 30 minutes starting next week.

School board members met in a special session Monday morning to approve a memorandum of understanding with the teachers union calling for the extension.

The added time will equal four days by the end of the school year. In addition, state legislators granted an extra four calamity days due to the snowy winter weather. Ohio districts are normally allowed five.

For the elementary school, the additional time will be added to the end of the school day for review and remedial work. The high school will add three minutes to each of the daily nine periods.

If no more cancelations are called for, the district will now have only three days to make up in June.

MORENCI—Michigan school don’t a break from the state as in Ohio. Morenci has missed 19 days due to weather. Although several days have been taken care of through rescheduling, many remain to make up.

As of now, Morenci students will be in the classroom through June 19.

Morenci Superintendent of Schools Mike McAran intends to write a letter to State Rep. Nancy Jenkins pointing out that Morenci will have exceeded the required number of classroom minutes for the year by June 13, yet still fall short of the required number of days. The extra week of school will interfere with a variety of pre-arranged activities, ranging from family vacations to church trips.

He is asking Jenkins to work toward forgiving four days as was done last year when school districts on the western side of the state experienced above-average snowfall. 

McAran said the National Weather Service listed Toledo as the metropolitan region that was hit hardest by the recent winter weather.