Baloney Night in Fayette 2014.03.05

Baloney takes center stage at the Opera House next Tuesday, March 11, for the final program of the 2014 Winter Season of the Bean Creek Coffee House when “You’re Full of Baloney Night” returns to Fayette’s historic theater.

“Baloney Night” is a celebration of the famed “Fayette Baloney” that gained wide popularity in the middle part of the last century. While the recipe for that local culinary treat has long been lost, the Opera House invites local meat markets and individual “baloney” makers to share a taste of their product with an audience that appreciates great tasting, hand crafted baloney.

If you are a professional or amateur bologna charcuterie, bring your creation to the Fayette Opera House for this celebration of great food, fine entertainment and warm hospitality. Coffee and cookies will also be available

The doors are open from 6:30 to 9 p.m.