Trevor Hibbard starts drainage building

Trevor Hibbard of Fayette has thought for a long time about expanding his excavation business and he finally took the plunge last month. His business now has a new division: Precision Drainage Systems.

Hibbard's new equipment didn't stand idle for long. He's been laying agricultural tile for the past two weeks and expects to continue for a few more weeks before the ground freezes.

The word "precision" is in the name for a reason. Hibbard is using a Trimble GPS system with a Liebrecht tile plow manufactured in Continental, Ohio. 

"It's the best system you can buy now," Hibbard says. "The GPS runs the plow and it's right on the money."

There are still many laser systems used in ag tiling, Hibbard said, but he thinks GPS is a great improvement.

There are also a few other tilers in the area, but several of them have been in business for a long time and Hibbard expects his investment to serve him for many years.

"There are still a lot of untiled fields," he said. "With land prices getting so high, people are improving their land. They can improve their yields just by putting tile in."

For information about Precision Drainage, call Hibbard at 419/572-6734.