Brad Pike arrested in connection with June crash 2013.11.27

A Morenci man was arraigned in Fulton County court last week in connection with a traffic accident that occurred in June.

Brad A. Pike, 37, of Morenci appeared before a grand jury Nov. 19 and was charged with failure to stop after an accident. Because the incident resulted in a serious injury, Pike would be charged with a fifth degree felony, if convicted.

He was arraigned in court Nov. 20 and released on his own recognizance. A pre-trail hearing is set for Jan. 24.

On June 15, Tyler James of Morenci was driving on Fulton County Road 23 southwest of Morenci when his car had a flat tire. He called Tyler Arnett for assistance and a portable compressor was brought to the scene. While the tire was being repaired, a car approached from the south and struck James, causing injuries from which he is still recovering. The compressor struck Arnett. The vehicle continued north without stopping and the county prosecutor alleges that Pike was the driver.

On Aug. 10, leaflets were distributed in a portion of Morenci seeking information about a gray 2012 Honda Civic with damage to the front driver's side.

Other indictments issued Nov. 19 included James E. Derby, 47, of Morenci, who is charged with failure to comply with the order of a police officer on Oct. 26. Derby allegedly failed to stop his vehicle after receiving a signal from an officer.

Michael A. Egia, 29, of Fayette, was indicted on one count of alleged illegal cultivation of marijuana.