Power restore after storm 2013.11.20

High winds knocked power out to more than 270,000 households served by Consumers Energy Sunday in Michigan as a major storm moved across the region.

Lenawee County was listed as having 4,537 households left in the dark, including much of the north side of Morenci. The outage included the school buildings and also closed General Broach.

Callers to Consumers outage information center listed Morenci as remaining without power until sometime Thursday, but by noon the estimate was moved to 11 p.m. Saturday.

That led to a surprise about 1 p.m. Monday when power was restored in town. Some rural areas remained without power.

“It’s been a really catastrophic storm for us,” said Debra Dodd of Consumers media relations staff.

More than 100 contractors from as far away as Kentucky drove to Michigan to assist local crews, but help was difficult to get, Dodd said, because of the widespread swath of damage that occurred in other nearby states.

Wind gusts that in some areas exceeded 60 miles an hour blew throughout the day, with a line of thunderstorms moving through Morenci early in the evening.

“There were wires down to broken poles to equipment damage—the whole gamut,” Dodd said.