Isobar discusses October weather 2013.11.06

October was about to finish up a little on the dry side until the last day of the month.

“We had about two inches of rain over the last two days,” said Morenci climate observer George Isobar, “and that sent the total well over the average.”

Three-fourths of an inch fell overnight on the 30th, he said, then 1.30 inches came the next day to push the total to about eight tenths of an inch above the average of the past three decades.

“This was a year when he had a little solid precipitation in October, also,” Isobar said. “That doesn’t always happen, although there wasn’t really enough to even mention.”

It was either snow or ice pellets, along with some sleet, he said. Whatever it was,  it wasn’t rain.

Isobar recorded the first frost of the season on the morning of Oct. 22, and there’s been plenty of it since then.

“We ended the month with nine mornings in the 30° range and two in the 20s,” he said.

The low of 28° was recorded on Oct. 25 and 28.

The high temperature came early in the month when 81° was reached Oct. 2. There was one other day that reached 80 and nine days in the 70s, he said, during a pleasant beginning to the month.

NOVEMBER—November has stayed fairly green and brown in recent years, Isobar said, but that’s not the case over the past 30 years.

“To look at the averages,” he said, “I would have to guess that the ground will be turning white before December. To look at the last few years, well...maybe not.”

The average snowfall for the month stands at 2.3 inches. The November with much to measure came in 2005 with 3.7 inches. There have been a few years with more than six inches to get an early start on the winter.