Fayette village council 2013.10.23

Fayette’s water isn’t as soft as it used to

be and village administrator Steve Blue is hoping to track down the reason.

“It’s been an issue for a few years,” Blue said at a committee-of-the-whole meeting Oct. 9. “Our softening is not as effective as in the past.”

Since the meeting, Blue requested a visit from the Artesian company to take a look at the softening system to determine if there’s a procedural problem or if a change is needed with the equipment.

Blue said this week that village employees reviewed procedures and that Artesian replaced a couple parts. Further action will be taken if needed.

METERS—Blue reported that 250 new water meters were ordered through a grant and he’s continuing to work on an installation plan. The village received approval for a second grant for meter replacement, but it will cover a smaller number of meters.

Blue said the entire replacement process will require at least three phases, depending on funding.

COMPUTER—The 10-year-old computer in the village office needs to be replaced, Blue said, to better handle the new utility software. The computer used by village financial officer Lisa Zuver should also be replaced in order to work efficiently with the new software.

A training session will be planned to introduce the new utility clerk to the software program, Blue said, and other employees should also attend to become familiar with the billing process.

Six candidates were interviewed for the vacant clerk position and council members are expected to make a hiring decision at the Oct. 23 meeting.

VALVES—Blue said he didn’t receive a price quote from Gleason Construction about replacing three leaking water valves at the north end of Fayette Street, so village foreman Jeff Merillat will make a plan for replacement carried out by village workers.

TRW—the company that will be affected by the work—prefers to have water service cut for three short periods rather than one lengthy loss of water.