School funding up in Fayette 2013.10.16

Fayette schools are in line for a 6.25 percent increase in state funding, but district treasurer Kelly Bentley isn’t about to consider it money in the bank just yet.

The new State Foundation Financial Report shows the district will receive $2,488,487, up from $2,342,106 in fi scal year 2013, but that’s still based on last year’s student count.

“This may not be the final figure as the state is using old data from ADM (Average Daily Membership),” Bentley told board members Monday at the regular October meeting. “A true-up settlement will be made later when the new updated ADM is added.”

Bentley said this is the first increase in state funding since money came through “stimulus funds” of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. No increase in funding came during the last two fiscal years.

DONATION—An anonymous donation of $700 was accepted for cross country invitational trophies and supplies and for a music component adapter for floor jack access.

STAFF—The board approved Denise Baker to work as a substitute secretary for 2013-14, and Paul Baker was approved to serve as a volunteer assistant with the band.

Brian Keefer and Rodney Kessler were approved as volunteer assistants for the boys basketball program and Marge Crowell was granted family leave from Nov. 4 through Dec. 20.