Isobar discusses August weather 2013.09.11


Take away one wet day in August, says Morenci weather observer George Isobar, and last month was mighty dry.

But the heavy rain did fall overnight Aug. 28 and total precipitation ended much closer to normal.

“Actually, there were two big rainfalls,” Isobar said, “and not much in between.”

First came a downpour that resulted in 0.93 inches of rain Aug. 7, then came the 2.05 inch deluge on the 28th. Other than that there were just a few fairly light rains—not enough to keep gardens and yards from drying out.

Isobar recorded four thunderstorms and one of those produced some hail. Morenci escaped severe weather once again.

“August was really quite comfortable,” Isobar said. “There were only two days in the 90s and eight days when the mercury never made it out of the 70s. Maybe not the best weather for those off on vacation at the lake, but for the rest of us at home it felt pretty good.”

The high temperature of 92° was recorded Aug. 26 and the low of 45° came in the middle of the month.

“If somebody took off for a camping trip last month, there’s a good chance they would have needed warm clothing,” Isobar said. “There were four morning lows in the 40s and plenty more in the 50s.”

Those mornings in the 40s produced days that were 12° below normal and the month as a whole finished 1.4° below average.

SEPTEMBER—So far September is producing weather similar to August, Isobar said. Mostly dry until a heavy rain falls; comfortable temperatures with some morning readings at 50 and cooler.

“That’s until this week, of course,” he added, as the temperature broke 90° on Tuesday after reaching 86 on Monday. “After that it’s supposed to be more like what you might expect for September.”

What you might expect is a feeling of gloom knowing that winter is on the way. Just take a look at the morning darkness that’s inching its way in.