Event to raise funds for Opera House furnace

Cooking will take center-stage at Fayette’s historic Opera House on Oct. 5 when the Fayette Arts Council will sponsor a fund-raising event called “Cooking up a Furnace.”

Sponsored by the Fayette Arts Council and the Opera House Association, the Pampered Chef Cooking Show is designed to bring in funds for a new heating and cooling system for the first floor of the Opera House.

Local Pampered Chef representative Cathy Leininger will serve as the host for the event.

In addition to participating in a culinary workshop (complete with food samples), each participant will receive a gift and coupon bag and a Pampered Chef Cook Book, and each will be registered for the Cooking up a Furnace Drawing.

Tickets for the event cost $5 and may be purchased from any Fayette Arts Council member or by calling 419/237-3111 and leaving your name and ticket request.

All of the ticket income as well as one third of the proceeds from the sale of the Pampered Chef items will offset the cost of the recently installed replacement furnace and new air conditioning system.

“The Opera House has been in need of an air conditioning system on the first floor for years,” said Tom Spiess, Director of the Fayette Arts Council. “The old window unit was too small, too noisy and too challenging for Senior Site management to manage on a daily basis."

 Fayette’s historic facility serves as the local nutrition site for the Fulton County Senior Citizen Center. The existing cooling system struggled to maintain comfort levels during the summer season.

To address this need, the Board of the Fayette Arts Council (owner of the Opera House) initiated a drive to raise the money needed to upgrade the system.

All funds to cover the cost of the installation are raised locally from private donations and fund-raising events.

As the Fayette Arts Council nears the end of the effort, a private challenge donation of $1,000 was made by a local resident to stimulate support and to bring the campaign to a successful conclusion.

With the funds raised through the “Cooking Up A Furnace” match grant campaign added to the income generated from the screening of the silent film “The Black Pirate” (Accompanied by organist Lynne Long) slated for Sept. 21, the Arts Council will erase most of the costs associated with the upgrades to the heating plant.