Mexican dinner to raise funds for medical clinic 2013.09.11


Five volunteers from the Fayette United Methodist Church are heading to the city of Nuevo Progesso, Mexico, in November to operate a free health clinic for residents.

In order to buy supplies for the clinic, a fund-raiser dinner is planned Sunday at the church. Church members will serve tacos, nachos, rice, beans and dessert from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. The cost of the meal is a free-will donation to buy medical supplies and medications.

The Rev. Kathy Currier and her husband, Jim, have traveled to the community just across the Texas border for the past decade. After the first visit, the Curriers were hooked.

“We go at least once a year, but several years we went twice a year,” Rev. Currier said. “We set up a free medical clinic for two days and see about 300-plus patients.”

“We have always had a passion for the humble, poor population of Nuevo Progresso,” she said. “Many live without electricity or proper water or sewer, in shanties with dirt floors. They are very gracious and thankful for the medical care they receive.”

Church member Aaron Hylander has joined the Curriers the last two years and they will be joined this year by church members Jeanne Johnson and Dianna Gonzalez.

The Fayette contingent—the largest ever to participate—will join with other volunteers, doctors and nurses from throughout Ohio to run the clinic through the Volunteers in Mission program of the United Methodist Church, West Ohio Conference. Nuevo Progresso is a city of about 10,000 people.

Team members come from many denominations, Rev. Currier said, and some of them have medical training. The Curriers are both RNs and Johnson is a retired RN. Gonzales is an LPN. Hylander, a school teacher, will work in the clinic pharmacy or wherever needed.

“We began going as nurses, as a part of a team with a pastor friend of ours,” Rev. Currier said. We love the folks in NP, and have always tried to share our passion and invite others, in whatever church we are in.”

Sometimes team members join us from TX or other states. Translators from the Harlingen, Texas, Rotary Club often join in to serve as volunteer translators.

“There is always a need for more team members, and they could contact us if there is interest,” Rev. Currier said.  “And obviously there is a need for financial help, to buy medications and other supplies once we are in Nuevo Progresso.”

That’s where Sunday’s Mexican dinner comes into play, but other donations are welcomed.

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