Isobar discusses July weather 2013.08.14


Finally, George Isobar said, a week passed by when he didn't have to mow his lawn.

Isobar, the National Weather Service climate observer in Morenci, said it took a while after the last good rain fell, but finally the soil dried up enough to slow down the grass. 

"With the wet and warm weather we had through early July, it's been quite a growing year," Isobar said. "Forget knee high. I think corn was neck high by the Fourth of July."

More than an inch and half of rain fell in the first two weeks of July—continuing the wet conditions from June—but only about half an inch fell in the next three weeks.

"We went eight days in a row without a drop," he said. "That doesn't seem so unusual, but before that it rained on 15 of 17 days. It was becoming a soggy habit."

For the month, precipitation ended at 2.12 inches which is about one and a quarter inches below average for July.

"Precipitation was rather spotty," Isobar said. "There were storms to the south and storms to the north. Toledo and Detroit both finished with about double the rainfall we had. Adrian got three inches more than we had."

Isobar recorded four thunderstorms during July and this area escaped severe weather—just barely. A thunderstorm brought down trees and branches in Fayette, but didn't move toward Morenci.

"There were five days in the 90s and one at 89°, but the mean temperature for the month was 1.3° below average in Toledo," Isobar said. "We had six days that stayed in the 70s and one day with a high of 69. We had four days with morning temperatures in the 40s, one at 50 and a couple with 52."

Those chilly temperature readings all came in the final week of July when the weather turned cooler—cool enough for some people to complain about how cold it was.

Maybe that will set people up for a string of 90° days later in August or even into early September, Isobar said.

Isobar recorded a high temperature of 95° on July 18 and a low of 49° on July 30. Toledo's 50° reading July 28 tied a record set in 1977.

AUGUST—"If you liked the cooler ending to July, you should be happy with August," Isobar said a week ago. "So far it's been the same—fairly dry and not the usual hot summer weather."

It’s a rather rare August that doesn’t finish with at least one day in the 90s, Isobar said, and there’s still a long way to go before September hits.95°