Candidates lined up in Fulton County 2013.08.14

Fayette council members will appoint a new councilor following the November election unless a write-in candidate registers by the Aug. 26 deadline. While the Fayette Board of Education ended with one extra candidate, the village council fell one short.

Incumbent village council members Mat Johnson and Rodney Kessler filed for four-year terms, along with Scott Wagner who was appointed to council last month. Wagner is taking the place of Diane Brubaker who recently resigned, but another vacancy will exist when Julia Ruger's term expires at the end of the year.

Veteran school board member David Brinegar, who was appointed in 2012 to fill a vacancy, is seeking one of two four-year terms on the board and newcomer Amy Metz is in line to fill the other opening.

Two candidates will be selected to fill terms that end Dec. 31, 2014, and three residents are in the running: Trent Dominique, who was appointed to the board in June, former board member Fred Stockburger and Robert Brubaker.

TOWNSHIPS—Voters will have a choice to make in two area township races. In Franklin Township, incumbents Keith Buehrer and Jon Rupp are joined by Robert Keiser to fill two seats. In Gorman Township, incumbents William McKinney and Trevor Hibbard are joined by Lee Opdycke to fill two seats.

In Chesterfield Township, incumbents James Stubbins and Paul Holman are seeking reëlection and in Royalton Township, incumbents R.J. Lumbrezer and Steve Gillespie are seeking another term in office.

LYONS—The Lyons village council will need to make an appointment if no write-ins register. Incumbents John O'Neil, Julie Fenicle and Andrea Gleckler are seeking another term, but that will leave one empty seat.