Last chance for Fayette candidates 2013.07.31

Aug. 7 is the deadline for candidates to file for school board, village council and township posts in Ohio. Several openings remain as time runs short.

As of Monday, no one had filed a petition seeking to join the Fayette Board of Education. The terms filled by board members Pam Seiler and Deb Leininger expire this year, as do the two appointed positions held by David Brinegar and Trent Dominique.

Fayette village was still one candidate short as of Monday. Mat Johnson and Rodney Kessler are seeking another term in office, while Scott Wagner aims to fill one of the two seats that will be vacated by Diane Brubaker and Julia Ruger. Wagner is currently completing Brubaker's term following her resignation last week.

Two trustee seats expire in each of four nearby townships, but three of four have candidates for the fall election.

In Franklin Township, Jon Rupp and Keith Buehrer have filed petitions. In Gorham Township, Bill McKinney and Trevor Hibbard are running. James Stubbins and Paul Holman are seeking election in Chesterfield Township.

Steve Gillespie filed to serve in Royalton Township, with one more candidate needed.