Fayette school board 2013.07.24



Fayette Board of Education members hired two new staff members at the July 19 meeting to prepare for the new school year.

Clete Stechschulte was hired as the secondary science teacher to replace Kristina Newman who accepted a job at Swanton. The Columbus Grove resident is working this summer at Camp Palmer 4-H camp.

Fayette resident Amy Mitchell was hired as a permanent substitute to work as an aide at the elementary school. She taught in the district several years ago.

Mitchell’s duties include serving as an aide to Tina Rufenacht who is the head teacher for a new multiple disability class. By having the class in Fayette, some children will no longer need to travel by bus to another district and Fayette could gain students from other districts that need the service.

Six students are currently enrolled in the class and a maximum of 12 is allowed. Students could spend a portion of the day in the classroom or the entire day, depending on their needs.

DONATIONS—The Fayette PTO donated $343 to buy flashcards for movements and for reading rewards. The Fayette Athletic Boosters donated $220 to buy two folding ball carts.

LUNCH—The board approved the federal income eligibility guidelines for free and reduced-price lunch for the 2013-14 year.

NURSE—School nurse services through the Fulton County Health Department were approved for the coming school year at a cost of $5,533, representing a six percent decrease from last year.

ONLINE—A one-year contract was approved with Treca for IT Essentials, costing $200. Technology coordinator Rebecca Short will become certified with Treca and operate a Cisco Academy for students to take credit courses online.

PHONES—The board approved a three-year contract with Executone for phone maintenance and equipment at a cost of $5,670.