Fayette village council 2013.07.17


Fayette is losing another part-time police officer. Josh Rodriguez gave a verbal resignation last week since he will be taking a job with the Fulton County Sheriff's office.

At the July 10 committee-of-the-whole meeting, council discussed whether or not a third full-time officer should be hired. Chief Jason Simon noted that a lot of part-time coverage would be needed to take the place of a full-time officer, and part-time hours will become more difficult to fill with Rodriguez gone.

Simon gave council estimates of the cost of part-time coverage by Sheriff's deputies and also the cost of full-time coverage if the Fayette department were disbanded. Simon said both options would cost the village more than the current service.

The actual cost would have to be determined by the sheriff, said village administrator Steve Blue, when details about the desired coverage were made final.

PARKING—Council discussed on-going complaints by some business owners about parking in front of businesses. It's believed that some tenants from downtown apartments park on the street and take up space that could be used by store customers.

A village ordinance limits downtown parking to two hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, but council was told that violators will not be prosecuted when there are no signs present to post the rules.

Blue said that a minimum of 12 signs would be needed downtown and he will check on the price. In some areas, erecting a sign would involve cutting through the sidewalk.

PARK—A report from the park board indicated a problem with water running off the old school parking lot and into the concession stand after a heavy rain. The park board is wondering about the installation of a catch basin or some sort of diversion structure.

The board also noted that at least one lawnmower is at the two-year replacement stage through a state purchase plan.

SETTLEMENT—Layne, the company that installed liners on some sewer lines, is asking for extra funds for two reasons. First, cleaning the lines took much longer than anticipated due to their condition, but Blue said the village isn't contractually liable for the extra cost.

Layne also needed to rent a generator for a portion of the work because the village lift station couldn't pump water fast enough to empty the lines. That cost was $17,000.

Since the job cost less than the bid price, based on the number of feet, the additional cost to cover the generator would be about $6,000, Blue said. The money would come from the sewer project contingency fund.

MAIN STREET—Only the north lane of Main Street will receive new pavement since the sewer line trench work was only on that side. There are a few exceptions, Blue said, where a sewer line crossed over the road. ODOT made that decision, he said, because the entire road is scheduled for paving in two years.

SEWER PROJECT—Blue said that as of last Thursday, about 1,500 feet of sewer pipe was yet to be laid and taps needed to be made at about 100 houses. About half of the taps are complete. Main Street is expected to be back in good shape in time for the Aug. 3 Bull Thistle Festival.

Work on other streets is expected to be complete by the first of September. Bids will be opened July 23 for paving village streets not disturbed by the project.

BILLING—A council committee is still working on a policy covering utility billing. This would clearly lay out the duties of village employees and address issues such as the notification of tenants and landlords.

TRUCK—No bids were received for the sale of an old village truck. It will be sold for $1,500 for scrap.

TREES—Council was informed that an existing village ordinance requires property owners to care for trees that are in the right-of-way along the road. Trees that fell during a recent storm are the property owner's responsibility to remove.

The Tree Commission can order cutting or trimming a tree if members see the need. The group can also approve or deny a property owner's request for cutting. The commission will meet soon to discuss tree-related business.