Isobar discusses June weather 2013.07.10


Just when we start to wring out the June wetness, along comes the July humidity.

“It’s really great weather for grass and weeds,” said Morenci’s National Weather Service observer George Isobar. “We’ve had some precipitation nearly every day for more than two weeks.”

At least the quantity has slowed down in July, he noted, but now it’s really muggy weather.

“June is typically our wettest month,” Isobar said, “but this year we had a couple inches more than average.”

It rained every day of the last seven days of June and that produced about three inches. The monthly total came in at 6.49, making last month the sixth wettest June in the past 38 years. The wettest month occurred in 2000 with 9.38 inches.

“It’s rained a little most every day of July, also, but the rate has really declined,” Isobar said. “We’ve only had about three-fourths of an inch from all of the storming.”

There have also been a lot of near-misses, he said, as storms have passed by to the north and to the south.

Isobar recorded eight thunderstorms last month but the area escaped severe weather. Fayette was hit by one strong windstorm that brought down some trees and branches, but it moved north of Morenci.

“We had a pretty good range of temperatures,” Isobar said, “and overall it was a little cooler than average.”

There were two consecutive days with a temperature of 91°, but the early part of the month was much more comfortable. The temperature didn’t reach the upper 80s until more than halfway through the month.

“The first couple of weeks was the kind of weather that makes people say, ‘If it could only stay like this all year around’,” Isobar said. “The first week of June was quite a lot cooler than average and we had four mornings in the 40s.”

JULY—Relief is on the way, Isobar said, as least according to the forecasters.

“It’s supposed to be cooler and drier, with cooler nights,” he said. “It sounds like the kind of weather people want all summer long, but of course it won’t last.”