Fayette Opera House has new furnace 2013.01.16

Energy efficiency is coming to the Fayette Opera House.

The existing first-floor furnace is likely well over 40 years old, said Opera House director Tom Spiess, and a new system is expected to operate much more efficiently.

“Heating is one of our biggest costs,” he said. “We will also upgrade the duct system for better distribution of heat.”

The new system will also include an air conditioning system for the downstairs—a feature the building hasn’t had except for a window unit in the Rorick Gallery.

Phillips Plumbing and Heating of Fayette will handle the $6,500 project and a fund-raising drive is underway to pay the cost.

“We have about $2,000 after the first month so we’re off to a really good start,” Spiess said.

The Opera House board intends to have the project paid off by the end of the year.