Recall effort fails 03.03.10

An attempt to recall two Seneca Township officials was soundly rejected by voters last week.

Only 179 voters went to the polls Feb. 23 to decide on whether or not township clerk Allison Ott and treasurer Marie Meinke should be recalled.

In Ott’s case, 57 voters favored the recall and 112 were opposed. For Meinke, 59 supported the recall and 119 were opposed.

Township resident Dayna Cordts filed a petition for recall, charging the pair with rude and disrespectful behavior at the Sept. 14, 2009, township board meeting.

The recall also faulted Ott for failing to change the wording on a special use permit and instead reporting Cordts to state child care inspectors. Meinke was charged with supporting the effort to contact state inspectors.